General Questions Ask Us

What is Direct Primary Care?
Dr. Shelby’s clinic, Morningstar Medical, is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider, which means patients pay a monthly retainer fee for their primary healthcare needs without the need of insurance. This reduces the insurance pressure on the provider, who can then pass along the time and financial savings onto patients. Patients benefit from reduced paperwork, lower costs for services, no insurance limitations on doctor-patient care, and increased time for the doctor to truly listen to the patient and research the best medical plan of action.

How much are monthly fees?
Click here for our full chart of membership fees, based on a scale by age group.

When do I pay for out-of-office labs or prescription fees?
You can pay at the time of service or the next month’s billing cycle. No fees or labs will be ordered or processed without discussing it with you, the patient, first.

What medical conditions do you provide care for?
We cover all preventative and maintenance health issues, as well provide treatment for all minor and chronic primary care issues. See our services page for more info.

Can I contact Dr. Shelby after hours? 
Of course! This is one of the benefits of the primary care model. You can contact Dr. Shelby at any time (day or hour) by phone, email, or messaging.  We will make this as easy as possible for you, our patient. No hassle for after-hour fees - we are available at your convenience because we know healthcare needs don’t just happen during business hours.

Do you treat nursing home patients?
Yes. Dr. Shelby welcomes nursing home patients, and will coordinate care with the facility’s administrator as needed.

What happens if I’m hospitalized? 
Dr. Shelby will coordinate with hospital specialists as needed and will provide in-patient care to ensure continuity of treatment.

What if I’m away from home and need medical attention?
In this age of technology, doctors can diagnose and treat many minor illnesses via a phone or webcam consult. Dr. Shelby can “meet” with you from a distance, and prescribe medicine and find the nearest pharmacy to address your primary care needs. If you need to go to a hospital or seek other care, he can also help guide you to make the best decisions, as he has your full history and an understanding of your medical needs.

Are my medical records shared with insurance companies or government agencies?
No. Patient privacy is a top priority in the direct care provider model. Dr. Shelby will never provide your records to any third party, unless directed specifically by you to do so.