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Health Care ... On Your Time

Your family has a life to live and schedules to follow - and we honor that.

Our Patient-Focused Philosophy

Primary care is the first defense and foundational building block of staying healthy. As your primary care provider, Dr. Shelby’s goal is to build and maintain a strong doctor-patient relationship so he can address your needs in real time. He will spend time with his patients to understand you, your medical background and needs, and to establish preventative plans to keep you healthy and/or develop further treatment options to get you on a path to wellness. The direct care provider method puts you back in charge of your health, with the cooperation and guidance of your doctor. Dr. Shelby is thankful you would consider choosing him as your family doctor.

What Services Are Included In The Monthly Fee?

Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments
Dr. Shelby values his time with each patient, so he has limited the total number of patients he sees. Your needs will be a priority.

Unrushed Visits 
The doctor won’t be rushing you to visit his next patient, and he’ll give you the time you need to ask your questions in order to build an understanding of your healthcare needs. You’ll feel like a patient again, not just a chart or a number.  

An Annual Physical
We’ll do a check-up every year, tailored for your personal medical needs. We’ll discuss your concerns and wellness goals - and you won’t feel rushed while doing so.

24/7 Access to Your Doctor
If there’s a question you forgot to ask or a new concern that pops up, there is no need to make an appointment. Simply call, text, or email - Dr. Shelby is available to you around-the-clock via technology. No need to worry about fees for after-hours calls that traditional practices charge.

House Calls
Just like the old-fashioned family doctors, Dr. Shelby is available for house calls - at no extra cost to you. You choose whatever is most comfortable for you - an in-office visit or a visit to your home.

Diagnostic Tests and Minor Procedures* - No Added Fees
With traditional practices, these benefits can add up. But with direct primary care with Dr. Shelby, these are included for no extra cost: breathing treatments, lesion removal, EKG, laceration repair, spirometry, cryotherapy, and more.

Reduced Labs and Medication Costs
With wholesale prices, we’ll extend those benefits on down to you.

Referrals to Top Consultants - Made with Care
Insurance will not influence Dr. Shelby when making referrals for more specialized medical care, should you need it. He wants you to see the best, no matter the hospital or medical group. Your health and finding the optimal fit for treatment is Dr. Shelby’s top priority.

*Certain procedures, tests, labs, etc. may require additional fees. Before those are administered, costs will be discussed with the patient, not simply tacked onto a bill.